Sign Maintenance

A customised signage maintenance solution to upkeep your corporate image

Maintenance of your building investment is essential to ensure your corporate face delivers your message to customers 24/7 and in the best possible condition. Skope Group will provide a customised maintenance plan for your building to cover signage, lighting, building fabric and surrounds. In short, Skope Group can provide you with an integrated maintenance package that will free you to manage your business.

Our new secure client portal stores project information including photos and signage/fit-out specification data, making it easy to manage your future maintenance cost effectively.

Protect your investment with regular signage maintenance

Your signage is associated with how your customers view your corporate image. That’s why significant wear and tear, weather damage, dust, and even bird droppings can have a negative effect on your business. Our team provides high quality sign maintenance to help your company maintain its professional reputation.

Skope Group maintenance services include:

  • Scheduled and preventative maintenance programmes for all building needs
  • Emergency response for building damage, signage, shop fronts including making the building and surrounds safe
  • All hours repairs to buildings due to weather events, vandalism, graffiti and accidental damage
  • All hours audits for lighting, signage illumination and all aspects of building maintenance
  • Warranty management

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